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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I LOVE YOU AKF <3 Saranghaeyo!~ ^o^~
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:


I find it funny that I found someone else that goes by AKF. Fan of your tumblr by the way.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Haha omg what a coincidence! I hope you don’t mind sharing :] and thanks! xx 

Asker romanteki Asks:
just want to tell that i love your tumblr. really. it's awesome to see kpop fans who see things differently and you also write very well. was searching for stuff related to homophobia and sexism on kpop then i found it here. keep up with the good work! :)
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

And it’s awesome to see fans like you who are really into such issues! :D You’re too nice <3 Thank you so much!!

Asker hthippo Asks:
This is a very nice blog, I'll definitely go here for my leisure time. I always enjoy good, long opinionated posts. Keep up the good work!
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Aw man, thank you so much!! :]

I just thought I should share this video on HyunA's (and other's) talent of being good-looking.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

OMG I love LinzerDinzer! What a great topic to think about: sex appeal and good-looks = talent. Linz brings up amazing points which I can’t help but agree with myself. 

The ability to lure an audience and keep them captivated is no easy task, and can definitely be counted as ‘talent’. 


Thanks for sharing! xx

Site recommendation: The Crunk Feminist Collective, which is on tumblr as well.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Awesome! I’ll add it to AKF’s list and check it out :] Thanks! xx

Ugh. So the government will ban those songs for small reasons, but didn't bat an eye over G-Dragon's "She's Gone" video where he ties up and murders his former fictional girlfriend? Or MBLAQ's "Y" video where, again, a former girlfriend is threatened with violence?

What the fuck?!
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

I know… apparently the government’s still got some loose strings to tie up, and its making itself look quite confused and hypocritical in the process. But then again, those songs are quite old compared to the ones listed in the article, and I’m not sure if the government’s gonna even bother looking up past hits and issuing bans on them as well. If they are then… they’re crazy lol. But they don’t, then it makes the rest of us question their integrity, because it’s making them look like they don’t even know what they’re doing. 

Three points: First, like I said, artists have always been coming up with ‘socially deviant’ products, and they always will. No amount of bans will be able to stop them completely. Which means, secondly, battling social problems will obviously require a change in approach. If the government believes that it’ll be able to ban every single song out there, then they’re delusional. Imagine the amount of songs out there, and the amount of backlashing responses their actions will receive. It’s virtually impossible. 

Thirdly, it ruins it for the rest of us -_- and besides, though media’s effects are potentially harmful, some aspects of it shouldn’t be overestimated. We’re not as stupid as politicians think we are. There’s a shitload of kpop fans there who’ve placed songs like MBLAQ’s “Y” and GD’s “She’s Gone” on repeat, and you don’t see us roaming the streets at night in search of ex-girlfriends and boyfriends to kill -_- 

[Original discussion topic]

Asker nepchoon Asks:
:D I'm still so very glad to see your posts (I hope you remember me >_< I think I was the very first person to leave messages in your ask lol)

But anyway I recently saw a post which linked to an article called:
The Persecution of Daniel Lee
(if you google it it's the first link given cause I can't post links in your ask D:)

and well I'm not sure if you've already covered a topic like this one but this article really gave me chills. I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking here but I think I just want to know how you feel about (whatever this topic may be considered).

I like to consider this topic "aggressive netizens" or maybe just netizens in general. I just find it such a scary idea how much power lies behind something as even small as a forum. I guess this is like cyber bullying to the most extreme? The last few lines of the article are what really got me, it's just unbelievable what kind of lengths people are willing to go to.

Any who I hope this isn't to silly a request! (Or subject for that matter)
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Aww of course I remember you! You were one of my first few followers…. and the one who gave me the tip about Kim Jihoo ^^

Wait, Daniel Lee as in Tablo from Epik High? I think I may know what this is about… something having to do with doubts about his Stanford credentials, right? I’ll look into it… I don’t really know what exactly went down — I just know the gist of it :|

And nooooo way, this isn’t silly at all… no question or request is silly :] Thank you so much for this! xx

EDIT: BTW, about posting links in ask boxes, I get that problem too nowadays -_- Don’t know why. But what I do is I just replace the ‘.’ with ‘[dot]’, and it seems to work :] for example, angrykpopfan.tumblr.com = angrykpopfan[dot]tumblr[dot]com (and remove the ‘http://’ thing). It’s a hassle, but Tumblr likes to do that to us sometimes, doesn’t it >_> lol

Asker Anonymous Asks:
with this obviously big interest in something like kpop, what future prospects do you have in mind exactly? i mean, i'm not trying to be belitting or anything... i'm just genuinely curious =O
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Oh, that’s okay!

Well, I’m majoring in Sociology right now, and I’m hoping to establish my focus on Asian studies and the media (kpop’s an interest among many :]) A prospect I really want to pursue is writing, whether it be editorial or authorial… I hope to be given the opportunity to undergo hands-on research and publish something in the future :]

Hope that answered your question!

I really love your blog! I like what you have to say here. I'm finally happy to have found a blog which isn't so biased (unlike others) and how you speak the truth.
Keep it up! ^^
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Thank you soo much, really ;__; I mean, I TRY my best to stay balanced, since no one’s perfect T_T but comments like these are always so encouraging… thank youu ♥

Asker real-smile21 Asks:
I just happened to stumble upon your blog and am utterly delighted by the content posted. I actually went through and read almost all the posts! As a reader, I generally sided with your point of view and am glad to see the opinions voiced in a well written, non caps-locked and intelligent manner, much unlike what is common in the Kpop blog sphere now. Thank you for maintaining the blog and I hope to see more great work!
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Aw no way, thank YOU for your encouraging words! I’m sorry for the late response — I just came back from a family trip :]

I really this blog encourages the rise of similar forums :D and also, when it comes down to it, this blog isn’t possible without the feedback from enthusiastic people like yourself and your opinions about issues discussed, so again, thank you :]

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I kind of agree with Esther Oh's article for the most part. I think people are getting confused with the key points of her article. 1. That the Korean media exaggerates the hallyu wave beyond what it really is, and 2. that when kpop artists try to cross-over to the american market they are no longer K-POP. Americans will only hear pop music because lets face it all kpop is is western pop music in korean for the most part. I think what she was getting at is that Kpop is put on this pedestal of being different but in actuality its not and that is why it wont do well in America.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Yup, like I said in my elaboration, Oh brings to light some pretty good points worth thinking about. Possible reasons behind why Korean media has a tendency to exaggerate the hallyu wave I believe are rooted in Korean nationalism. Her argument is not wrong — it’s just of another perspective. 

However, claims of whether or not kpop artists are still kpop once they’ve crossed over to the United States and kpop simply being ‘western pop music in korean’ remain debatable. I really think there is no right or wrong answer — just personal opinion and taste. There are some people out there who listen to kpop because they believe it’s quite distinguishable from western music. They believe that there are indeed differences between the two genres, and that there is potential for its success in the American music market.

I’m in no way trying to bash your argument or anything, because this is your opinion, of course :] I’m just saying that the range of attitudes out there among fans towards this particular topic is so vast it’s hard to assert what is certain and whatnot. If one is supportive of the trend, they have to be careful not to over-exaggerate its popularity, or even its potential, because all in all, it’s still a new phenomenon and its list of ‘international accomplishments’, if you will, is still quite short. On the other hand, those against the notion of it being a potentially ‘global trend’ cannot (and should not) overlook the breakthroughs (albeit there’s relatively not that many as of now) kpop has made beyond the borders of South Korea. 

I hope that spiel made some sense. Thanks for your input! 

[Original topic of discussion here]

A lot of b2uties are mad at that cordi noona


they say she is known for being like that with more idols or something.
i don't see why 'being like' that is wrong. i don't really get what they refer to either. only the hugging or is there more? can you explain maybe?
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Hmmm, well to be honest, being the BEAST stan that I am, my automatic response was ~*RAVING JEALOUSY*~ (because I mean, who wouldn’t want to be hugged by Junhyung like that?! lol), but the comments on the video are completely uncalled for. The thought of idols and coordinoonas being extremely close should come as no surprise, and seriously, whatever happens between them is none of our business. If they’re best friends, good for them. If they’re dating, good for them. The most we can do is be supportive of idols’ personal decisions, and being fans absolutely does not make us the puppetmasters of their personal lives. If the comments made were based on that video alone and in the heat of the moment, then we have some really disgusting B2UTies in our fandom. Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing.

On a side note, this video alone and the interaction between Junhyung and the coordionator is honest to god not enough to draw conclusions from. Seriously, it’s just a playful hug or skinship or whatever you want to call it. Again, if people claim they’re doing it behind closed doors by the mere sight of this, and without the knowledge of any facts, then they’re messed up in the head.

However, there apparently is more to this than just this video. Browsing through posts under my tracked tag, I came across a couple of posts that provide supposed backstories about this particular coordinoona:



(full credits go to these Tumblrs for the sources — for anyone reading this post, please like the above posts to give the OP notes)

As of now, there is no way to ensure that these are legit. Whether or not one believes these things is up to them. I don’t know if I believe them myself. You have to decide for yourself whether or not K-B2UTies have a reason to make up lies (but considering that these may be the same K-B2UTies that attacked Yoseob during the whole “girlfriend rumor” ordeal thing, something tells me that I should stay critical).

But say these things were true. If they were, the biggest problem would definitely be the maltreatment of both fans and idols. This coordinator has no right whatsoever to treat idols and fans like shit — in truth, she has no power over anything. The anger of B2UTies would be quite justified — we are the ones buying the albums and busting our asses to show up to fanmeets. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about respect between individuals, regardless of your position. Just because you hang out with idols 24/7 doesn’t make you all the more ‘special’. And it definitely doesn’t give you the right to smack them around.

I seriously think that if these rumors were indeed true, K-B2UTies should find a legitimate way to sack this coordinator for good (by going to the agency and reporting abuses, sigining petitions, etc); and intl B2UTies should indeed participate. Nevertheless, before all this needs to happen, we need to be sure these rumors are true. For all we know, this could simply be a fictitious story concocted by a bunch of jealous B2UTies trying to find an excuse to win points from the boys. I’m not trying to make matters worse by bringing this up, and I’m not attempting to point fingers at anyone specifically, but in a fandom, anything is possible. And every story has two sides.

I’m curious to know whether the rest of the coordi crew and the idols themselves are aware of her inappropriate behavior (again, assuming that this is all true), and whether someone in the higher ranks have actually raised to voice against this woman. Because seriously, such behavior shouldn’t have gone completely unnoticed.

As for now, however, we shouldn’t let this bother us too much. Considering the fact that we’re international fans especially, we have way less power than K-B2UTies to do anything… the most we can do is passively rely on news that gets sent to us from the SK fans. They know way more about the truth of these rumors, and we need to have faith in the less delusional fans to sort things out the right way. That’s the biggest disadvantage of being an intl fan, unfortunately — not having access to the whole range of sources that could be used when it comes to issues like this.

But again, if one thing matters the most, it’s the truth to these rumors. Lies spread like wildfire. So someone with the power to do so need to take responsibility and check the facts before any action is taken. Maltreatment of fans AND of idols is a serious thing… and god knows that the last thing we need is more forms of violence in this fandoms.

Thank you so much for this tip, and I hope I addressed it adequately :] drop by my ask if you need anything else!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If you are to call out Leeteuk for being rude, then please call out Krystal as well for being blatantly disrespectful to her ice skating coach.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

I apologize, but prior to seeing this ask of yours, I was not aware of this issue concerning Krystal. I am on Allkpop right now and am currently reading the article. If you want me to comment on Krystal’s behavior, then I will do so, but not right now, since I’m in class. Please look out for a post later tonight. 

However, if you are the same anon who made that ‘sexist’ comment, please understand that there is no relation between doing this request and sexism. The issues of Leeteuk and Krystal are immensely different — Krystal was being rude simply because she was being rude, and her sex plays no role in her behavior. Leeteuk, on the other hand, was not being ‘just rude’, but also sexist. 

Still assuming that you are that same anon, I just want to let you know I am still waiting for you to present me with evidence to back up your reasoning.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your posts bother me :/ I stumbled on your blog through my tracked tags. I honestly think that you are sexist against men. Everything you post is all "girl power screw you gender roles!" and then you bash on men artists. You doing point out the mistakes of girls in kpop, but you're more than happy to call out the men on any little slip up they have. And, as a woman, this really bothers me. I feel that you're very hypocritical.
angrykpopfan angrykpopfan Said:

Even though I can say I hold some feminist values, I can confidently tell you that I am not ‘sexist’ against men. (BTW there’s no such thing as being “sexist against men” — I think you mean prejudiced.) It’s a totally different thing to be proud of being a woman AND being proud and bashing against men. 

But to help your argument a bit more, please direct me to where exactly I come off as “sexist against men”, because I’m sure you don’t literally mean “everything”. I’ll be more than happy to address each of them and clarify my stance to you.

Also, please note there is a significance difference between gender and sex. Though to an extent I am against established gender roles, I am not against the male sex. 

EDIT: And to add, I can safely assure to you I am not consciously ‘targeting’ men in kpop. I point out faults and mistakes where I see fit, regardless of whether they are sexually male or female. Again, please point out to me where you get the impression that I am exactly “more than happy to call out the men”. Thanks.